August 5th 2021: About a month ago, Valley View Pork was sold to Jack Pine Farms, an entity of Bowman Family Holdings. We have enjoyed building the business and working with all of our employees and contract growers from the first barn in 1996, and now to 19 contract growers and 75 employees. Everyone's hard work and farms played an important role in growing Valley View Pork and finishing over 200,000 pigs annually. Some individuals have been a part of VVP for over 20 years! Moving forward we will be providing trucking services and partnering with the new owners on the cropping side of the business under the name of our new entity, Valley View Farm Service LLC.

Valley View Pork, LLC was founded in 1996 in Walkerville, MI in Oceana County. Our focus is on animal well-being, food safety and environmental stewardship. Our dedicated employees and contract growers produce 230,000 pigs annually. All these pigs like to eat! Our feed mill purchases over 1 million bu of corn each year. We are a multiplier site for PIC - some of our pigs become breeding stock for other farms throughout the country. At Valley View, we adhere to strict biosecurity standards that contribute to our high health status and herd performance. We are committed to providing high quality animals.